The Best of Huntsville, AL

The Best of Huntsville Alabama

If you have been a reader of this website for a while, you know I like to post a lot of local deals.  This is because I love to be active in my community.  One of those things is being a part of a community blogger group called Rocket City Bloggers.  When we decided we would all write posts this week about what we loved about Huntsville, I knew I had to be the one to host this months Carnival.  The Carnival is just what is sounds like, a central location where all these crazy acts come together to entertain you.  Please visit and enjoy the posts from these great local writers and business owners as we discuss our “Huntsville Favorites.”

Courtney Fern presents Learning to Love Huntsville posted at twirling on tiptoes. saying “Huntsville is a deceptive place. It plays the role of a city but has the feel of a small town”

MrsDragon presents My Favorite Thing posted at Mrs Dragon’s Den. saying “But it was the green that awed me”

Heather Smith presents Home Sweet Home posted at Calluna, saying, “Huntsville is home. It has a big city feel without the big city traffic, and a country road is never too far away when you need one.”

Aunt Gee presents One Cupcake and Cookie at a Time posted at Aunt Gee Bakes, saying, “NEVER underestimate the power of a cupcake”

Carly Jordan presents Best Day Ever (in Huntsville) posted at CutieNews. saying “We see a trend with making sure we don’t skip a meal, right?”

Sarah Lena presents Welcome to My Huntsville. (Bring a Fork.) posted at The Anvil Tree, saying, “You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a rocket scientist. ”

Dave Edens presents The Dixie Derby Girls « SevenDead posted at SevenDead, saying, “A new favorite and photography challenge for me, the Dixie Derby Girls.”

Russell Winn presents Free 2 Teach: Non-Profit Giving Teachers Free Supplies posted at Geek Palaver, saying, “Yet another example of the “let me help you” spirit I’ve found in my hometown-in-law!”

Carol Marks presents Diversity posted at Carol Marks Online, saying, “while we play hard and like to tease one another about our favorite team, we come together when we need to and take care of business as well as each other.”

Rocket City Mom presents Libraries, Titles and Books Oh My! | Rocket City Mom: Making Parenting in Huntsville Easier posted at Rocket City Mom: Making Parenting in Huntsville Easier. saying “Oh and forget Ask Jeeves. We’ve got Ask a Librarian.”

David Hitt presents O Huntsville, My Huntsville! posted at stories in my pocket. saying “My Huntsville has a disproportionate number of rockets, but what do you expect.”

Russell Winn chimes in with yet another of his Huntsville Favorites, The PTA: For All of Our Kids | Geek Palaver posted at Geek Palaver. saying “You know, for the kids. All of them.”

Suzanne Haggerty presents My Favorite-ish Things About Huntsville posted at Entirely Adequate. saying “Huntsville’s nerdery knows no bounds”

Heather McIngvale presents My Favorite Grocery Store posted at Heather’s Hints. saying “I can walk the edges from the bakery all the way around to produce and be in a freshness daydream”

(photo courtesy of Norris Research)
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7 Responses to The Best of Huntsville, AL

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  3. Dave says:

    Great job, love the one liners you came up with for everyone’s posts!

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  7. Becky says:

    Great job hosting! I love being part of RocketCityBloggers too! Such a talented group of writers!