Great Freebies at freefly’s!



freefly’s is one the places I get my freebie links.  Do you know why couponers love a free sample?  They often come with great high value coupons!  Click the box above and sign up to get e-mail notification of new product samples and freebies!


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2 Responses to Great Freebies at freefly’s!

  1. rose lennon says:

    Is freefly’s a scam? I completed all the surveys twice, I was told congratulations you won $1,000.00 choose. I chose Best Buy. So far I’ve spent 50 minutes on all freefly’s surveys and still I never received anything, not even a free sample. What’s going on?????>

    • heather says:


      FreeFlys is not a scam, but it, like many of the survey and sample sites, require you to fulfill ALL the requirements to qualify. They also tend to use your information for marketing purposes so you must make sure you read all the fine print. When you fulfill all the requirements correctly, they will give you what is promised; if they don’t please let me know. I get these leads from my advertising affiliates and they need to know when things are not working correctly. Let me also say, that I post NOTHING on my site that I don’t also sign up for myself.